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Dickson Chart Recorder Paper

Recorders Charts & Pens offers a large selection of Dickson circular chart recorder paper. Choose the data range and time frame you need to provide an immediate visual representation of vital readings in your facility or to monitor your equipment. Temperature, humidity, flow rates, pressure levels, and more appear in real time along a continuous circular line that tells you, at a glance, if conditions remain within desired parameters.  

Dickson chart recorder paper creates a vital record that won’t disappear because of an interruption in electric power and that isn’t as vulnerable to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity as electronic data stored on finicky servers. Use Dickson chart recorders as analog companion to your computerized data logger or in a hybrid analog/electronic setup. Or use Dickson circular chart recorder paper as a real-time data visualization tool that produces charts immediately when your computerized data collection system may not be able to immediately express the data it collects in the graphic format you want. Order yours today! 

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