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4 Ways To Integrate Chart Recorders With Modern DAQ Systems

24th Oct 2023

4 Ways To Integrate Chart Recorders With Modern DAQ Systems

Data acquisition (DAQ) systems collect, measure, and store information from the physical world. Converting signals or measurements into digital forms establishes easier processing and analysis.

Chart recorders are staples in data acquisition for engineers and researchers. With the advent and proliferation of modern data acquisition systems, it's important to understand how to combine these technologies. Read about the five ways to integrate chart recorders with modern DAQ systems.

Wireless Data Transfer

Speed and efficiency of data transfer are of the utmost importance. Modern DAQ systems employ wireless technology to transfer data from chart recorders. Installing a wireless module in a chart recorder will directly transmit data to the DAQ system without the need for a physical connection. This eliminates the possibility of data loss due to connectivity issues and enhances the flexibility of the data acquisition process.

Wireless data transfer ensures a quick and reliable exchange of information, enabling users to make timely decisions based on recent data.

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

High-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) match the DAQ system to the chart recorder. The advanced integration permits a smooth transition from the recording to a digital interpretation. Chart recorders paired with ADCs offer enhanced flexibility and convenience in data analysis, which results in improved performance.


A multiplexer, also known as a mux, enables switching between different input signals. This versatility plays a crucial role in integrating multiple chart recorders connected to a single DAQ system. As a result, the DAQ will record substantial data with the assistance of the multiplexer.

Data Synchronization

How can researchers ensure the information collected by the chart recorder is accurate? Data synchronization reduces the likelihood of discrepancies that could compromise the effectiveness of the recorder and DAQ system. The data syncs with the chart recorder to display real-time information.

Enhanced accessibility of the DAQ system occurs when the data synchronization works in tandem with the wireless data transfer. Therefore, users will receive precise data for an efficient analysis.

Every piece of technology plays a role in collecting data. Utilizing these ways to integrate chart recorders like Honeywell circular charts with modern DAQ systems. Visit RCP’s website to learn more about improving the accuracy of your data records!

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